How to get in shape fast

How to get in shape fast!

Get in fighting shape!

By Dominic Paris, former conditioning coach of Oscar De La Hoya

A Step by Step

6 Week Training Program to get in shape FAST

Lose fat, gain muscle, lower your heart rate and increase your energy: get in shape fast !

This program includes:

All workouts are in full details.

This is a model of a real Boxing Training Camp: in “Get in Fighting Shape” you get:
– A 6 weeks Master Plan.
– Optimized full body workouts done in a fraction of a normal workout.
– Exercises real fighters use.
– The bodyweight exercises you need to master.
– Workouts for total body strength, core, upper body, lower body.
– Cardiovascular conditioning: speed and interval training programs.

For the strength training you will need some basic equipment: bar, pull up bar, dumbbells, stability ball, medicine ball.

This program is intense and may not be for beginners, if you have any questions contact me.

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Get in shape fast