Online Workout and Coaching Programs

These online coaching programs and online workout programs will get your conditioning to the next level !

Developing the Perfect Boxing Conditioning Program for Unstoppable Power !

Get Your Program Designed by Dominic Paris, Conditioning Coach of Oscar De La Hoya

This is a Real Weapon !

This is the Next level Conditioning for professional boxers !

If you are really damned serious about your boxing next fights, pay close attention !

Because you are going to get your conditioning and punching power

to the next level in just a few weeks…

And I guarantee it !!!

Over the years I have met and trained many professional boxers, but I also looked at many guys training by themselves, with no

precise structure in their programming… Just training hard with pain, sweat and sometimes blood…

Boxing is tough, nothing is never guaranteed, even if you signed with the right manager or promoter…

Hard training doesn’t mean you’ll be the best, everybody train hard…

Boxing training is complex and it is impossible to be in total control, at least you need a good and experienced trainer…

But what about an experienced conditioning coach…?

Professional boxing needs more than skills, sparring, hitting the heavy bag and doing some “road work”…

You need to have a strategy in your physical preparation

The right Conditioning program strategy is key…

and it has to be specific

Who cares about lifting 250 lbs in bench press if you are not able to use this strength in the ring !

Your conditioning has to be specific for boxing, meaning you should see positive transfers in the ring in a very short period of time.

Would you be interested if you can improve your specific conditioning and power in just a few weeks ? Get it with my online workout programs.

My name is Dominic Paris and I have been in boxing for more than 20 years.

I am the former personal conditioning coach of Oscar De La Hoya and Jose Chon Zepeda. You can read more here.

You are going to get access to my online system where you’ll get a personalized program with the exercise techniques (with videos) and training protocols you have to follow.

This online workout program and coaching is unique and you have now the possibility to step up your level in conditioning, boxing specific.

What are the results you may expect:

More explosive power…meaning more punching power !

Cardiovascular conditioning with speed interval training

Fast recovery

Core and leg power

Dynamic stabilisation

Shoulder strength and stabilisation

Stronger grip, stronger hands

And more importantly, a rapid transfer into the ring.


You get also with the program everything you need for an optimized nutrition.

I’m sure you are interested, but what is the cost for this online program you may ask ?

Well, this kind of program with coaching is valued at least $1500, which is still a terrific investment regarding to the results you’ll get!

But for a very limited time I’m going to let you get access to this online coaching program for a fraction of the price.

6 week Online Workout Program: $295

Register here

My advice ? Take action right now, you’ll not regret it if you are really damned serious about your boxing career ! Start to build right away solid and specific foundations to get your conditioning to the next level !

Dominic Paris

PS: Are you looking for improving punching power ? If you follow these training protocols it is impossible not to improve ! And you’ll see results in just a few weeks !

PS2: Do not delay, the number of athletes I can take in my programs are limited.

PS3: Just to be clear, these programs are not generic, there are no exotic exercises to look pretty ! You’ll use the power of kettlebells, but in a very specific set up, with specific exercises designed for boxing.

PS4: With these training protocols I got results in just a few weeks, but be aware results may vary, online training means you are in control, this is your business, follow the process with my help and watch what’s happen !


How to get started ?

Register, then I will create your account on my online coaching platform and I will send to your email your login details.

Register here

First you need to fill out a pre-program assessment. It will give me the information to design your program.

When do I get my program ?

You get a pre-program so you can start right away. You’ll get the complete program in 48 hours.

What equipment do I need ?

Kettlebells, resistance bands, a stabilty ball, your own bodyweight…if you have access to more equipment it’s a plus but the core of these programs are kettlebells.

Do I need to be in a good shape to start this program ?

I’m not going to lie, if you are not in shape it’s going to be a challenge, but it’s possible to make some adjustments…

How many workouts do I have to follow ?

There are at least 1 workout every day, 1 day off.

What kind of workouts do you design ?

Kettlebell workouts ( for specific conditioning and power, boxing specific, not boring fitness exercises you find everywhere), core conditioning, speed and cardiovascular, recovery and mobility.

Do I have to print my workouts to go to the gym ?

You can, but if you have a phone, download my app (Apple or Android), login and you get all your workouts.

Is it compatible with my boxing workouts ?

Yes of course, just manage well your timing so you get an optimal recovery.

Can you coach in a training camp ?

Possibly, contact me.

Do I need to be a professional boxer for these programs ?

No, but you need to be in a good shape and available for daily workouts, usually only professionals can do that, also you need time to recover and if you have a job we’ll need to adjust. Good level amateur boxers will definitely get an edge here.

Do you offer a trial ?

For this specific online workout program, no because it takes time to design it. But if you do not want to jump right away on this program, you can start with my ready workout programs: there is a monthly membership and you get access at many specific workouts on a regular basis. ​For this membership you can get a 7 day trial (no credit card required) and test different workouts.