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Get in Fighting Shape

A Hardcore Fitness and Boxing Training Camp…

Would you like to be a fighter? Maybe not for real, but maybe for the mind and body you could have!
I’m talking about real conditioning to get in shape fast.
In “Get in Fighting Shape” you’ll train like a boxer! If you like boxing and train already, great, be ready to catapult your level to new heights!
Boxers are among the best conditioned athletes. They have strength, power, endurance and boxing skills.
Did you see already a boxer on the scale at the weigh-in before a fight?
He is lean, ripped, ready to fight…Will you like to get a body like that?
Hard work you may ask!
You’re right: exceptional results are always a hard work.
But you do not need to be a pro, you only need to know what you want and a PLAN! If you want to get in a great shape, there is a system ready for you: it has been designed for short term results: this is your 6 weeks Training Camp.

In “A Fitness and Boxing Training Camp: Get in Fighting Shape” you get:

A 6 weeks Master Plan
– Optimized full body workouts done in a fraction of a normal workout.
Exercises real fighters use
– The bodyweight exercises you need to master
Workouts for total body strength and core
– Cardiovascular conditioning: speed and interval training programs.

But let’s be clear! This program is not for everybody. You need to be already in a pretty good shape.
You need to be prepared to workout everyday, sometimes twice a day! Sorry for the lazy ones, this is the price to get in a “Fighting Shape”!

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