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Get in Fighting Shape

A Hardcore Fitness and Training Camp…

Would you like to be a ? Maybe not for real, but maybe for the mind and body you could have!
I’m talking about real conditioning to get in shape fast.
In “Get in ” you’ll train like a ! If you like and train already, great, be ready to catapult your level to new heights!
Boxers are among the best conditioned athletes. They have , power, endurance and skills.
Did you see already a on the scale at the weigh-in before a fight?
He is lean, ripped, ready to fight…Will you like to get a body like that?
Hard work you may ask!
You’re right: exceptional results are always a hard work.
But you do not need to be a pro, you only need to know what you want and a PLAN! If you want to get in a great shape, there is a system ready for you: it has been designed for short term results: this is your 6 weeks Training Camp.

In “A Fitness and Boxing Training Camp: Get in Fighting Shape” you get:

A 6 weeks Master Plan
– Optimized full body workouts done in a fraction of a normal workout.
Exercises real fighters use
– The bodyweight exercises you need to master
Workouts for total body and core
– Cardiovascular conditioning: speed and programs.

But let’s be clear! This program is not for everybody. You need to be already in a pretty good shape.
You need to be prepared to workout everyday, sometimes twice a day! Sorry for the lazy ones, this is the price to get in a “Fighting Shape”!

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