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Do you need to improve your abdominal strength?

Abdominal static training should take an important place in a conditioning program.

It is an essential abdominal workout because it involves not only the rectus abdominis but also the deep muscles for a better stabilization of the entire body.

Either we simply ignore this work in favor of traditional exercises such as the sit-up or crunches, and we add one or two exercises at the end of the session, quickly done!

I’ve often observed an exercise that is a pure waste of time if you’re in good athletic condition: on the floor, you hold your body tense while leaning on your forearms for a set amount of time. Don’t forget, you have to pull in your stomach! This exercise is very good in fitness centers where most people have a poor athletic condition.

If you want to have an excellent abdominal wall, you should look for exercises that are much more difficult. And you don’t need any equipment.

Test yourself with this exercise and the following program:

You will improve your core strength.

Hold the body in full extension:

Rep 1: Hold for 5 seconds

5 seconds of recovery

Rep 2: Hold for 10 seconds

10 seconds recovery

Rep 3: hold for 20 seconds (here it should start to heat up!!!)

20 seconds of recovery

Rep 4: hold for 30 seconds

30 seconds of recovery

Repeat in reverse order: 20s, 10s, 5s.

Repeat 2-3 times a week at the end of your workout.

This type of work should be present in all physical preparation and strength training programs.

Many exercises can be integrated, you can use among others stability ball and TRX or equivalent (suspension exercises).