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If you want to burn fat, focus on your conditioning

The biggest mistake we can do for fat loss is just focusing on fat loss!

Let’s me tell you a story: it was a few years ago. A professional kick boxer called me for helping him to get ready for his upcoming fight: the WKC World Championship. The event was in Agadir, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.
We decided to set up the training camp over there, so he can get very well acclimated to the heat of August.
We had a 6 weeks training camp. 6 weeks is a good duration and I know by experience it’s possible to get in top shape in this amount of time.

But he did not tell me everything before he arrived: he was out of shape and close to 40 pounds over his official fighting weight!

6 weeks and 40 pounds to lose!!! Well, this is a challenge !

It was a tough training camp and he was able to make the weight! But we focused mainly on conditioning (and strength), because when you have to lose a lot of weight very quickly, you become very weak. For a fighter, it doesn’t work: too much risk are involved in the ring.

It’s why my strategy was about conditioning: when you get in a terrific shape, you lose fat faster. Cardiovascular conditioning (interval training and speed), strength training for power, core conditioning, along with a precise nutrition speed up your metabolism and increase your stamina.
Not easy in this case… the fighter got 3 different workouts a day!

You probably don’t want to train 3 times a day, but if you need to lose some weight, start to focus on your conditioning; get in a terrific shape. Do it progressively but be persistent and your stubborn fat will disappear for good. Just focus on your conditioning!