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4 Critical Ways to improve your boxing punch

How to Improve Your Punching Power

Competitive fighters need boxing punch power.

Anyone in a boxing workout want to improve the boxing punch.

Is it possible to improve it?

For many coaches of the “old school” it is impossible, or almost, to improve the boxing punch.

They are right on one side: it is very difficult to improve speed and explosiveness as there are genetic factors that cannot be changed. But one of the factors of speed and explosiveness is strength and if you are working on the right program, it is easy to improve it in a few months. If you improve strength, knowing that you keep your speed, you will gain in power, so you’ll improve your punch. Speed is more difficult to improve, but it is possible with a very specific, qualitative and planned training program. But most coaches (and boxers) don’t do what is required:

Can you answer this question?

What percentage of training you put into strength and speed?

What percentage of training you spend on endurance?

Let’s be clear: a boxing match is not a marathon, it is not the same type of effort, and if most of your training is based on endurance-type running, stop and begin to place priority in strength and speed.

Too much endurance reduces strength and speed, it is a physiological process: endurance develops slow fibers and it is always at the expense of fast fibers. The key is to find the right balance between a very specific endurance and explosiveness that you can use throughout the fight.

boxing punchThen there are three major qualities you must develop in a boxing workout to improve the power:

  • Strength and power: you need a program to improve strength and power. It has to be a full body workout program as all muscle groups need to work in coordination for effective punching power. According to individual needs, you should work on the legs in priority, then core and upper body. Use compound exercises and the best ones for boxing are kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells are a terrific tool for improving total body power, so explosive power and punch.
  • Speed: the legs are critical for total body power, do sprints in your workouts twice a week, the best sprints are uphill, great for leg explosive power.
  • Accuracy: without accuracy you cannot be effective. Work at the bag can be done with visual cues, work with paos with the trainer is also very positive.
  • Coordination: A good technique is essential and it is based on a perfect coordination between the legs, abs and arms. A lack of coordination means always a loss of energy, so a lack of transfer of power and efficiency.

Do you want to improve your boxing punch? It is possible, not easy, but possible.

In your boxing workout, work on the heavy bag with very short sets, get extensive recovery at the beginning. Intensity should be close to 100%. Working on the heavy bag at 50% is useless, you’ll not punch at 50% in combat.

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