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8 Essential Actions for Your Kettlebell Workouts

The kettlebell is a tool that is extremely effective in developing functional strength and power for the entire body.

But you must be aware that in order to recruit the maximum strength there are 8 actions that you must integrate:

– perfect alignment from head to tailbone
– muscular activation of all deep muscles for postural stabilization
– total recruitment of the hip muscles
– control of the movement with the legs
– control of shoulder retraction for perfect stabilization
– locked arm during the final extension of the arm (push press, jerk, snatch…)
– solid grip
The connection (muscular and nervous) must be perfectly established between all these actions, otherwise your movement will not be efficient and the risk of injury will be increased.
I would add an 8th action which is essential: the ability to alternate relaxation and muscular contraction in the shortest possible time. This is fundamental for speed and explosiveness. For combat sports like Boxing or MMA it is essential.

Training this action of muscular relaxation and contraction will extend the capacity to produce explosive power by controlling fatigue.

It’s up to you to improve your punching power…

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