Boxing Sprints Strength and conditioning

The Power of Sprints


The power of the legs is very often the weak link among boxers, but how to remedy it efficiently and without wasting time…


Weight training ? without a doubt, but it must be quickly transferable to the ring. The use of machines to build up quadriceps or hamstring muscles is not at all effective: forget it immediately! Squat: OK but results can take time and you risk losing your mobility in the ring in the short term.

SprintThe solution I have been using for a long time are sprints, if possible hill sprints. It’s hard but very effective. The big mistake that boxers and trainers often make is to include sprints in their training only for the peaking period; this is not enough, sprinting work must be developed all year round, just like endurance, to get all the benefits: speed, explosiveness, solid support and dynamics of the legs.

Performing a series of hill sprints over varying distances can be very hard but the results are obvious in just a few weeks. In addition, you will develop a strong mental state.

A flawless physical condition is the foundation of your performance. In the ring, the slightest weakness will end up being paid for in cash and don’t forget that technique is always supported by the physical condition